• Science
    District Supervisor: Jennifer Gramble
    Phone: (856) 939-4500 ext 2300
    VP: Tom Ambrose
    Phone: (856) 939-4500 ext 2016

     Welcome to Triton's Science Department
     Science for all Learners
    It is the intention of the BHPRSD to graduate all of its students with the scientific knowledge, skills and habits of mind needed to be lifelong-learners, critical thinkers, effective communicators and wise decision-makers. The Science Department creates opportunities for students to safely explore the life, physical, earth, and space sciences. Through the many different course offerings in the department, the staff works each day to assist our students in becoming well rounded, scientifically literate citizens ready to meet the ever-changing world in which we live.
    Physics First Philosophy

    21st century learning demands emphasis on STEM knowledge as careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics continue to grow.  It is essential for the students of Black Horse Pike Regional School District to be prepared for life after high school.  After assessing the needs of our students, we have decided to change the course sequence for science. Starting in September 2018, all freshman will be enrolled in a physics course that builds upon their knowledge of Algebra. Teaching physics to freshman provides increased exposure to higher-level content that challenges them to think more critically about real-world problems.  By enhancing our students’ critical thinking skills at the start of their high school experience, we can build upon the depth of their understanding in subsequent courses, thus empowering them in a variety of formats related to STEM content.  The change in sequence also allows the science department to engage in more cross-curricular planning with the other departments in the district.