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    Runnemede, NJ 08078
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     CEEB Code:  311337
    Mr. Francisco Olaya
    Director of School Counseling
     Mr. Francisco Olaya

    The mission of the BHPRSD Counseling Department is to foster an environment in which all students are provided with an equal opportunity to access the support and encouragement necessary to achieve academic, career, social and emotional growth in an effort to facilitate the realization of lifelong success and responsible citizenship in a diverse and ever-changing world. 

    Counseling Secretaries:

    Mrs. Angela McCarville                       
    Extension 2021                                amccarville@bhprsd.org             
     Mrs. McCarville
    Mrs. Janet McCarthy
    Extension 2022
    Mrs. Janet McCarthy

    School Counselors:

    Mrs. Paulette Kohout
    Last Names: A - Den
    Extension 2029  
    Mrs. Paulette Kohout
    Mrs. Jill Dorio
    Last Names: Deo - Hn
    Extension 2025

    Meet Mrs. Dorio

    Mrs. Jill Dorio
    Mr. Michael Maitag
    Last Names: Ho - Mer
    Extension 2024

    Meet Mr. Maitag

    Mr. Michael Maitag
    Mrs. Hillary Katz
    Last Names: Mes - Ror
    Extension 2028

    Meet Ms. Spinuzza

    (Substitue for Mrs. Katz)
    Ms. Kaneff

    Ms. Amanda Parisi
    Last Names: Ros - Ta
    Extension 2073

    Meet Ms. Parisi

    Ms. Amanda Parisi

    Dr. Sarah Smith
    Last Names: Te - Z
    Extension 2027

    Meet Dr. Smith

    Dr. Smith

    Mr. John Barnett
    Student Assistance Coordinator & Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Extension  2011

    Meet Mr. Barnett

    Mr. John Barnett

    Ms. Rio Brodeur      Mental Health Assistance Counselor        Extension  2101

    Meet Ms. Brodeur


    Ms. Bro

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    Parent/Teacher conferences are encouraged.   Conferences are on Mondays at 2:05 p.m. by appointment only.  Contact the School Counseling Office to schedule an appointment