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    Welcome to Triton Key Club!
    Did you know that Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students? This club is a student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to serve the community, build character and develop leadership skills.  Throughout the school year our members participate in a variety of community service projects that adhere to the organization's core values of leadership, character, caring and inclusiveness. 
    Key Club members meet once a month to either discuss the needs of the community and organize upcoming service projects, or to engage in an active service meeting. During active service meetings members may work to help feed the homeless or to support the Triton faculty as Key Helpers. Active members have fun while making a kind difference in the world.
    Being an active and contributing Key Club member is a meaningful and rewarding experience that may help shape your future self and open doors of opportunity. The satisfaction that comes with knowing you have helped others, or provided a little joy to a family experiencing hardship; or made a positive impact for an important cause can be profound. Not only does being involved in Key Club look good on your college applications, or increase your chances of obtaining a scholarship, it may also lead to a life long commitment to service, instill a deeper sense of responsibility and humility, broaden awareness, and evoke empathy for other people.
    Key Club now has a "class" on Google Classroom!  All club members will need to register for the class, code: 7jkwm89to obtain information about upcoming service events and fundraisers, to check meeting dates and agendas, to track service hours, and to sign-up for projects and activities.   Also, members are strongly encouraged to sign up for Remind: @TritonLove to 81010 to receive meeting and service project reminder alerts. 

    The Triton Key Club is always grateful for your involvement and service! However, it is a commitment that requires time and participation. Please understand to be deemed as a member you are expected to be involved in a minimum of 3 service projects and attend 3 club meetings. Furthermore, if you commit to engage in a project, then you are expected to follow through or provide adequate notice to cancel. A failure to fulfill these basic requirements will disqualify your membership.
    Advisor:  Mrs. Gucciardi