• Mrs. Melissa Sheppard, Principal             
    Secretary: Donna Romond, Phone: 856-939-4500 x2014

    Message for 2024-25 School Year

    Dear Students and Parents,

    On behalf of the entire faculty, administration, and staff of Triton Regional High School, I would like to welcome you to the 2024-2025 school year. We look forward to helping all of our students develop the goals and work ethic necessary to reach their full potential.

    The year will undoubtedly bring about new challenges for us and our students.  In addition to teaching the curriculum, we will continue our goal to educate the whole child

    We will lead students to make good academic and social decisions that will positively impact their future.  We will provide equity for ALL and create a culture…

      • Where they are engaged, challenged, and expected to be involved in their learning.
      • Where they can voice their opinions and be heard by the faculty and staff.
      • Where they feel safe both physically and emotionally.
      • Where they feel supported by our faculty and staff and turnkey that support to their friends and peers.
      • Where they take pride in the school, themselves, and their environment.
      • Where they learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, physically and emotionally.

    When we educate the whole child, we guarantee them the best opportunity for success after graduation.  Thank you in advance for supporting us as we guide your children to become mature, responsible adults. 

    We look forward to a terrific school year.  Remember that the effectiveness of the high school experience is the result of a team effort between students, teachers, parents/guardians, and their involvement in school.  Take pride in being a MUSTANG!!!!!


    Melissa Sheppard



    2024-25 Triton Goals - Continue to Educate the whole child

    • Provide a healthy and safe environment for the students.
      1. Mentoring program
      2. Anti-bullying programs for students and parents
      3. District/Building-based Equity Committee
      4. Social Media presentations for students and parents
    • Help students make connections with Triton.
      1. Spread positivity throughout the building (i.e. good morning, hello, good afternoon, or something else)
      2. Encourage involvement in activities and athletics
    • Develop relationships. – How can we connect?
      1. Educator-Educator
      2. Educator-Student
      3. Educator-parents/guardians
      4. Educator-community
    • Practice mindfulness for faculty and students - physical education classes, freshmen seminar, wellness committees
      1. Be aware of ourselves.
      2. Reflect upon the times that you may have conveyed negative energy.
      3. Learn not to over-act or become overwhelmed by what is going on around us.
      4. Pause and take time to breathe.
      5. Respond instead of reacting.
    • Restorative Practices
      1. R.I.S.E. Program
      2. Repairing broken relationships
      3. Educating students on better choices and alternative behaviors
      4. Teacher implementation of Circle activities
      5. Guided Mediations
    • Interact daily with students, faculty, and staff.
      1. Administrators will be in the hallways during the passing bell and remain for the first few minutes of the period.
      2. Administrators will be in classrooms more often, not just for evaluation purposes.
      3. Increased informal meetings between students and administration (during common time).