Class of 2020
    Mr. Milavsky, Vice Principal
    Secretary: Mrs. Diana Angelastro
    Class advisor:  Mrs. Hernandez/Ms. Wong
    Welcome back Seniors, Class of 2020
    I hope everyone is having a great summer by rejuvenating yourselves and preparing for a senior year which will undoubtedly be filled with lasting memories that will culminate with graduation and the beginning of the new journey to bigger and better things to come.  I have emphasized to importance of being involved in the many great clubs and activities we have here at Timber Creek and this coming year will be no different.  This year, build relationships, try new things, step outside of your comfort zome, be a leader and set the tone for a fabulous senior year that you will always remember and cherish.         
    Some keys for success during your high school career: 
    1.  Get involved in school activities.  Join co-curricular clubs such as interact, student council, class of 2020, literary magazine, history club etc...Those who get involved make a much more positive impact on the school environment.
    2.  Get to school on time.  Performing well in your classes is so important to improve your future.  Being present everyday will help in this academic progress.  
    3.  Utilize the great resources we have here at Timber Creek.  Talk to your teachers, counselors and myself if there are any issues that you can not handle on your own.  We all have a vested interest in you and your future.
    4.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Respect your teachers and fellow classmates.
    5.  Stay in good standing so you can be part of the many events taking place this year, including senior who's who night, the homecoming dance, the 100 days party, the senior prom and senior trip.  Be accountable for your actions and always do the right thing.