As the new school year approaches, the excitement is building for new and old students to return. The 2017-2018 school year was a wonderful year and so great memories were made.  Each year as principal of Timber Creek, I am more impressed by my Charger Family. Every year at Timber Creek is all that I could have hoped for and so much more. Each part of the Charger Family: students, parents, faculty, and staff is such a dynamic, diverse, smart, and capable people that gives more than it gets and I look forward to the impact this group will have on the larger community.



      We will continue to implement the “Charger Time” schedule and as it continues to be an adjustment for all, the hope is still the same. Our wish is to allow students to maximize every moment of the school day, give teachers the ability to meet with more students and also the ability to collaborate more frequently.  Our goal conitnues to be to provide the students with more autonomy and the ability to take ownership over their educational experience and for the community to be able to appropriately support them in this process.  The end result is to have our students more college and career ready at the end of their high school experience.




      Students are welcome to come into the school at 7:00 a.m., if they would like to purchase and/or have breakfast in the cafeteria.  Otherwise, they are expected to arrive to school by 7:15 a.m.   This will allow them time to go to their lockers and arrive to their first class by 7:25 a.m. sharp, as class and the curriculum will begin promptly at that time.* Note that daily lateness will not be immediately addressed by the VPs’ offices but after four incidents it will count as an unexcused absence.* Being on time is an essential life skill for students to embrace and should be practiced early in the school year.   It is also important for students to follow the dress code policy.  Inappropriate dress will result in a telephone call to the parent/guardian requesting that an appropriate change of clothing be sent to the school.  We understand the importance of the alliance between home and school and look forward to this partnership to help maximize the time each student spends at TC.




      As we begin the 2018/2019 school year at Timber Creek, I want to take this opportunity to offer more insights into our “Timber Creek family.”  I encourage freshmen, new students and their parents/guardians to feel welcome in this new environment.  This is a fresh start for your child, so please speak with them about creating a plan for their future; encourage them to explore new options and interests.  Joining clubs and sports teams provides direction and background information to use for their life plan.  Not only do activities and sports help them feel like part of our “Charger Family”, but these groups also prepare your child in many ways for college and/or the working world.  We have a club for just about every student interest including Leo, Interact, and Student Council service clubs as well as fun activities such as poetry readings and book bistros.   In sports, we have some of the best teams in South Jersey.  As a team or club member, students bond with other peers who will support them all four years at TC; this group of friends are often friends for life.  As a member of our club or teams, students are held to high standard relative to maintaining appropriate behavior and sportsmanship as representatives of our school.  Students are urged to get involved!




      This year is particularly special for the Class of 2019. Senior year brings the prom, the Disney trip to Florida, college decisions, and many more unique opportunities.  Remember to keep your focus and keep your eye on the goal—graduation. Also, keep in mind that you are the role models for the school. Your spirit and involvement will help to guide our underclassmen. Although many of you are employed part time, never forget that your main job is school—to learn, to grow, to be a part of the Timber Creek family.




      To all TC students, we expect you to be ready for the opening of school by completing your summer reading assignment.  Check the school website (www.bhprsd.org) for book titles. The years ahead are important relative to establishing a good foundation for learning, adding to your knowledge, increasing your involvement in school, showing your maturity through your actions, and most importantly developing a plan and a resume for your future beyond graduation.  Remember that there are many people behind you and numerous services that can help prepare you for life during and after high school.  Our counseling center offers career testing and college information that will help you to focus on your future goals. The vice-principals and I are here not only to address disciplinary issues, but also to help you solve a problem or a conflict.  We want to help you grow not just academically but as citizens and neighbors as well. 

      The Black Horse Pike Regional School District including Timber Creek share a vision and are committed to strategic goals that reflect the following:




      Vision:  A community of lifelong learners nurturing the development of critical thinkers and involved citizens prepared to lead fulfilling lives in a changing world.


           Our Strategic Goals will help our vision become a reality:




      ·         To raise the level of student - teacher engagement and instructional rigor.  We would like to see students select the more difficult courses/ higher level courses to propel their learning experience and knowledge.


      ·         To develop student critical thinking and problem solving skills through reading and writing. 


                                        ·         To strengthen Curriculum Alignment 




      Finally, to the Timber Creek parents—enjoy every day with your son or daughter; all too soon they will be grown and gone.  Please speak with them about developing a life plan to take them beyond high school.  When a student knows what interests they want to pursue, our counselors are here to help them select the appropriate course work.  We encourage you to keep the lines of communication open by working with counselors, vice principals and me.  Please refer to the bhprsd.org website for general information, policies and upcoming calendar events.  Messages may also be sent to your home or cell phone via the Blackboard Connect System. Parent conference days are available to you on Mondays after school.  Contact the counseling office to set up an appointment to meet with teachers.  Become involved by joining our Home and School Council, review your student’s progress using the Parent Access porthole on the internet and read our newsletters on the TC website.  Our administrative team, faculty, and staff work diligently to engage your students, foster achievement and inspire excellence.  Your assistance and input are invaluable and we thank you for supporting the TC programs and for being an important part of our team. Below you will find our building goals for the year:




      -Building Administration will be more visible in classrooms and will provide more feedback to teachers via informal walkthroughs

      -Foster more authentic relationships throughout the building/community between all stakeholders (teachers-teachers, administration-teachers, teachers-students, students-students, parents-teachers, administrators-students)

      -Developing More ways to get students to get engage more students during Charger Time



      On behalf of the entire Timber Creek family, including the Black Horse Pike School Board and Central Office Administration, we welcome all of you and wish you a very successful 2018/2019 school year.  Welcome to Charger Country – Go Chargers!