• Welcome to the World Language Club:
    This club's objetive is to expose students to different cultural experiences.  We center around the three different languages learned here at Timber Creek.  These are Spanish, French and Italian.
    This year's activities will be:
    1. Yankee Candle Fundraiser ( Sep 15 to Oct 15)
    2. Chipotle Night
    3. Volunteering to make breakfast for all the children and families at the Ronald McDonald House in Camden
    4. Donation of can-goods and non-parchible food to be brought to th Ronald McDonald House
    5. Toys for tot collection from the teachers and other clubs to be gifted to the kids at the Ronald McDonald House during the holiday season
    6. Applebees Breakfast Fundraiser
    7. Fieldtrip to the magic garden and restaurant 
    8. Get togethers to celebrate holidays and end of the year activities
    9. Ugly sweater competition during the holiday season
    10. End of the Year field trip
    11. Organize World Language Induction
    12. Organize World Language Week 
    Machu Pichu, Peru
    Look at the calendar to see which activities are planned for the  2018-19 school year.