• Welcome to the World Language Club

    The purpose of the World Language Club is to provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of different cultures.  This club explores various aspects of different cultures from food, to popular holiday celebrations, to music and dancing.  Activities include regular meetings, dining, museum tours, community service, movies, and lots of fun.

    This year's activities will be:
    1. Spanish Heritage recognition (Septimebre)
    2. Fundraiser  Charleston Wrap ( Sep 15 to Oct 15)
    3. Tropical Smooththie cafe (Oct 14)
    4. Get together to celebrate holidays and end of the year activities
    5. Ugly sweater and trivia competition during the holiday season
    6. Applebees breakfast fundraiser. (March 11)
    7. End of the Year field trip
    8. Organize World Language Induction  (May 4)
    9. Organize World Language Week (May 1 to the 5) 
    Machu Pichu, Peru
    Look at the google classroom and get involved.  code  zjswaqf