Class of 2020
    Mr. Milavsky, Vice Principal
    Secretary: Mrs. Diana Angelastro
    Class advisor:  Mrs. Hernandez/Ms. Wong
    Welcome back Juniors!
    I hope everyone had a great summer break and is recharged for a great Junior year. This is the year for great development and maturity as so many of you will start looking at prospective college choices or career paths.  We have some great things planned this year including the homecoming dance, Junior prom, and many of you being inducted into the National Honor Society.  I can not stress enough the importance of maintaining academic excellence as this will be the pathway to a great future.  Utilize all the great resources available to you here at Timber Creek whether it is your teachers, counselors, or countless other school personnel ready to guide you and help you make positive decisions.  Continue excelling and take pride in being a CHARGER!     
    Some keys for success during your high school career: 
    1.  Get involved in school activities.  Join co-curricular clubs such as interact, student council, class of 2020, literary magazine, history club etc...Those who get involved make a much more positive impact on the school environment.
    2.  Take advantage of our Charger time lunch and learn period.  I encourage all students to enjoy some down time and eat with your friends, although this is also a great time to see your teachers and get caught up on any missing work.
    3.  Utilize the great resources we have here at Timber Creek.  Talk to your teachers, counselors and myself if there are any issues that you can not handle on your own.  We all have a vested interest in you and your future.
    4.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Respect your teachers and fellow classmates.