• Dungeons and Dragons Promotional Slide

    Dive into a world like no other, limited only by your imagination and your ability to roll a die. 

    Welcome to the Timber Creek Dungeons and Dragons Club page. 

    Dungeons and Dragons Club is for students interested in playing D&D, one of the most popular and famous tabletop roleplaying games of all time. 

    Dungeons and Dragons at its core has three main parts; exploration, social interaction, and combat. First-time players will spend the majority of their first meeting creating a character and learning the intricacies of the game. Once you understand the game and have a character created, it is your turn to join in and role-play the character you’ve created. 

    Role-playing games are theater of the mind and cultivate a high degree of imagination. Members of the club have a great opportunity to learn skills like teamwork, communication, character development, creative writing, and improvisation. Dungeons and Dragons offers a unique experience where complex ideas and moral dilemmas can be explored in a risk-free and enjoyable way through collaborative storytelling. 

    All are welcome in this club, and there is always room for another character to join the game. 


    When and Where the Club Meets:

    We meet every Friday after school from 2:05 - 4:30 in room C-119

    Club President: Tyler McFarlane

    Vice President (Wannabe Club President): Alanah Fennen

    Dice Goblin: Paxton Haynes 

    Advisor: Mr. Emig

    Email: jemig@bhprsd.org