When & Where the Strategic Games Group Meets:

    During the Fall we will meet A days during Charger Time

    Advisor: Mr. Ackley

    Email: dackley@bhprsd.org

    Anyone interested in games that engage the mind and challenge creative solutions has a home in the Strategic Games Club.  Board, table, and card games that accomplish those goals are welcome in the club.  Set-ups for chess, checkers, and Othello will be provided.  Feel free to bring a game to challenge yourself and your friends.

    Once the fall sports season is over, we will organize after-school days for strategic gaming! 


    When and Where the DnD Group Meets:

    We meet every Tuesday after school from 2:05 - 4:30 in room C-119

    Club President: Tyler McFarlane

    Vice President (Wannabe Club President): Alanah Fennen

    Dice Goblin: Paxton Haynes 

    Advisor: Mr. Emig

    Email: jemig@bhprsd.org


    Dive into a world like no other, limited only by your imagination and your ability to roll a die. 

    Welcome to the Timber Creek Dungeons and Dragons Club page. 

    Dungeons and Dragons Club is for students interested in playing D&D, one of the most popular and famous tabletop roleplaying games of all time. 

    Dungeons and Dragons at its core has three main parts; exploration, social interaction, and combat. First-time players will spend the majority of their first meeting creating a character and learning the intricacies of the game. Once you understand the game and have a character created, it is your turn to join in and role-play the character you’ve created. 

    Role-playing games are theater of the mind and cultivate a high degree of imagination. Members of the club have a great opportunity to learn skills like teamwork, communication, character development, creative writing, and improvisation. Dungeons and Dragons offers a unique experience where complex ideas and moral dilemmas can be explored in a risk-free and enjoyable way through collaborative storytelling. 

    All are welcome in this club, and there is always room for another character to join the game.