• Class of 2021 

     Vice Principal - Mr. Garry Saunders

    Class Advisors - Mrs. Grone and Mrs. Masters


    A Message from Mr. Saunders

    To the Class of 2021


    I Believe In You

    As always I am going to start my message hoping you are all safe and healthy.

    Obviously we are experiencing an uncertain time in our lives. This uncertainty has caused us all levels of stress because we are dealing with the unknown.

    I get it and I feel your anxiety. However, I need you to understand one thing. You are stronger than you know. The obstacles that you are currently facing, whether it be from home or from school, might at times feel overwhelming. But we will get through this and come out better and stronger. Challenges are a fact of life and will always be there. I know that you are prepared as a class and can handle anything that comes your way. Your family and friends may know you better individually, however for a little less than three years I have gotten the pleasure to know you as a group. This class is strong, and will not run from anything. I need you to believe in yourselves like I believe in you. I am going to share with you what I feel is one of the secrets of a successful life. Confidence. You have to know that nothing can beat you and you will always triumph. I have watched you grow and I am amazed by the awesomeness of you and the positivity you bring. My job is to get the best out of all of you and see you succeed. I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to get you to the goal we signed up for in September of 2017, and that is graduation.

    Trust me when I say, I will never give up on you. This class is special. I look forward to celebrating with you on the football field in June of 2021. Let's make it happen

    I Believe in YOU!!