• Class of 2021 


    Vice Principal - Mr. Garry Saunders

    Class Advisors - Mrs. Grone and Mrs. Masters



    Class of 2021
       " Let's come together"
    Well, we have one year completed and now we should all know what to expect. High school is definitely more challenging than middle school and takes more focus to achieve. Reflecting back on our 9th-grade year we have many things to be proud of. We had more students with High Honors and the Principals list than any other class. We had a large number of freshmen involved in student activities.  We had outstanding varsity athletes leading the way. The school musical had a freshman assume the lead role. The Fine Arts program had strong freshmen representation that made us all proud. With all of these accolades, I should be very excited about all that we accomplished. However, that is not the case because we could have done more. I understand that this was a transition year, however, in my mind, we only scratched our potential. We have the ability to be one of the top classes to ever attend Timber Creek. We had so many things that we just didn't take advantage of and that is disappointing to me. We didn't always use our lunch and learn program to its full advantage. We had multiple students attend credit completion due to latenesses. Also, too many of our students will be out of cohort next year because of lack of focus, not lack of ability. This is why we have to come together as a class. If we hope to show the greatness that each and every one of you have, this is the year to rise together as a class and show the Timber Creek community what we are capable of. I know you can do it. Your parents know you can do it. Most of all you know we can do it. So let's get it done. 
    Let's come together