Hello, and welcome to the homepage of

    Timber Creek’s “Morning Jolt!”

     Mr. Matthew Kuhlen and Mrs. Nora Hartley, Advisors 

    The Morning Jolt is our daily morning news broadcast club where the approximately 40 members of our team learn the ins and outs of producing a live television broadcast using some of the most up-to-date digital broadcast technology on the market today! 

     Jolt 16-17


    For those who enjoy the spotlight, serving as one of our cast of rotating anchors may be right for you!  If you are more of a behind the scenes person, we have a score of positions for you ranging from Producer, Director, Audio Technician, Camera Operator, and many more!


     Want to be in front of these?  


    If you enjoy the idea of helping to make a live television broadcast come to life and you would like to meet new people, then come on out and join the Jolt!


     Or maybe you want to run the show!


    We have also recently added a new component to the program where Junior and Senior students may earn 2.5 credits per semester by participating in the Television Production portion of our club!  

    Here is the brochure for our Film and Broadcast crew!


    MoJo – Yeah, we got it!