Timber Creek Tech Squad

  • The Tech Squad is for students who want to expand their knowledge of technology. The students meet during Charger Time and after school on various activities.  They will also be assisting in troubleshooting laptop issues for our students.  Mr. Dickerson is the person to contact.  bdickerson@bhprsd.org

    Tech Squad 

Meeting Information

  • We're holding semi-regular meetings, both in-person and virtually, during the course of the school year.   Every month, on a Tuesday and Thursday, we will have a scheduled meeting.  This can be attened either virtually or in person, depending on your current school schedule.  If you're available in person, we will have the opportunity to look at, triage and repair chromebooks and other devices.  If you're only available virtually we will be available to chat about technology, programming and other related topics.  

    Dates, times and links for these events can be found in the Google Classroom.