Timber Creek's
    Gender and Sexuality Alliance
     Mrs. Marissa Dugas
    Mrs. Nicole Woodward
    November is Transgender Awareness Month! 
    Check out our display in the LMC Atrium for facts about the Trans* community and members to be celebrated and remembered. 
            The goals of the Timber Creek GSA include supporting LGBTQIA* Students and Allies, spreading awareness of problems facing the LGBT+ community, and creating a more accepting, supportive community for all students. 
    Want to get in touch? Have questions about our GSA or want to make a suggestion? Click HERE to send us a message, and access important resources for community-specific needs!
    Upcoming Events:

    December 15th - Charger Time - Holiday Party!

    (RSVP online, and bring a friend!)
    December 20th - After School

    January 11th - Charger Time

    January 23rd - After School

    February 5th - Charger Time

    February 14th - After School - Valentine’s Day Event

    February 22 - After School - Chosen Family Day

    March 6th - Charger Time 

    March 20 - After School - LGBTQ* Health Awareness Day

    April 9th - Charger Time

    April 12th - Day of Silence
    See google classroom for details

    April 24th - After School

    May 2nd - Charger Time

    May 15th - After School 

    May 29th - After School - Final Meeting/End of Year Celebration 
    Keep up with us on Google Classroom!
    Classroom Code:  fkfzean