• Class of 2021 


    Vice Principal - Mr. Garry Saunders

    Class Advisors - Mrs. Grone and Mrs. Masters



    A message from Mr. Saunders to the Class of 2021

    This is the year you make your mark.
    This is it, junior year. Many people believe this is the most important year in your
    high school career. As freshmen you entered high school without really being
    aware of the expectations. Sophomore year is when you should be able to find a
    “niche “and become acclimated to the responsibilities of a high school student.
    Now you are juniors and decisions will be made that will affect your life and your
    dreams. You are now considered upper classmen and will be expected to not only
    represent but to lead. The choices that you make from now on will not only effect
    graduation but your life. This is the year that how you use your lunch and learn
    Charger Time can affect your class rank. This is the year when those of you that
    are eligible could be elected into the National Honor Society. This is the year
    when colleges will start to evaluate your transcript and start to make decisions.
    This is also the year where members of the class who have not been working up
    to capabilities can get back on track for graduation. This is the year you make
    your mark. We have so many outstanding students in this class that make me
    extremely proud. So many who have excelled academically, socially, and
    athletically and have had a positive effect on Timber Creek and its culture. Our
    student involvement in clubs and activities as well as the Arts have been
    outstanding. This is the year you make your mark and reach your potential,
    which I know can be amazing.

    Let’s make it a year you never forget!