• What is Teen PEP?

    TEEN PEP (or Teen Prevention Education Program) is a year-long course that utilizes a comprehensive sexual health curriculum and results in a core group of trained peer educators who conduct outreach programs with peers, parents, and educators. The curriculum focuses on decision-making skills, preventing unplanned pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, dating violence and date rape, sexual harassment and other sexual health concerns.


    The course is offered to seniors on an invitation-only basis. The course fulfills the Health and Physical Education requirement for grade 12.


    How can I become a Teen Pep Peer Educator?

    All students interested in applying for Teen Pep, click the attached link for an application. Acceptance into Teen Pep is contingent upon completion of an application, interview process and schedule availability. All applications are due to Ms. DiPietro and Mrs. Yorkman by March 26, 2021.

     Teen PEP Application