• Spectators for all sports will be required to wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing at all times.  Failure to follow mask wearing and social distancing guidelines will result in removal from the venue.

    Ticketing for home football games:

    • Before each game or scrimmage the student-athletes participating in varsity football, varsity cheerleading, and pep band will be given 2 tickets to give to their family, free of charge.

    • Upon entering the stadium the ticket will be punched and can not be used again for that game. Failure to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing guidelines will result in immediate removal from campus.

    • No additional tickets will be provided or available for purchase at any time. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

    • There will be no exchange of money at the ticketing table. 

    • If a spectator arrives without a ticket, they will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

    • There will be no re-admittance to the stadium. (i.e. a spectator cannot leave the stadium and come back once their ticket has been punched) 

    • The away team will be provided with tickets for the away bleachers only. Tickets will be given to the athletic director of the visiting school ahead of time. They will be responsible for distributing tickets to their team and making parents aware that no one will be admitted into our stadium without a ticket.

    • Home and away bleachers will be marked appropriately to keep spectators at 6 feet distances from one another. Every other row will be unavailable. 

    Concession Stand and Bathrooms

    • The line for the concession stand will be marked and be socially distanced.

    • The bathrooms have a maximum occupancy of 1.

    • No congregating will be allowed in front of the concession stand at any time. 

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