• We are pleased to offer our Triton community, area sports fans and our visiting team’s fans a revolutionary way to watch our Mustang student-athletes in action. Fans, family and friends who are unable to watch our games in-person, are unwilling to wait for a phone call with the game result, do not use Twitter or wish to watch the action later, now have another option.

    The NFHS Network has partnered with Pixellot camera technology to offer high quality, live streaming video coverage of all our Triton events held in the main gym or on the football field.  Watch the action live or on-demand later.

    These athletic events, as well as other school events, will be available at NFHS Network: Triton Regional High School

    Currently, all of our home athletic events and other school events are being streamed at no charge to our fans.  Simply create an account and watch all of our home, regular season contests (postseason will require a paid subscription).

    Away regular season and/or postseason events may require a paid subscription, depending upon the school or venue.



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