• Philosophy of our Athletic Program

    The purpose of the interscholastic athletic program at Triton Regional High School is to provide as many opportunities as possible to the student-athletes to allow:

    • the development of skills in all areas of growth: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.
    • the development of interests in life-long leisure activities, either as participants or spectators.
    • the development of self-discipline, self-motivation, a strong character, and the ideals of sportsmanship.
    • the acquisition of special skills in the activities of their choice.
    • the development of team-oriented skills that produce successful teams and individuals characterized by loyalty, cooperation, and fair play.
    • the competition in interscholastic athletic events.
    • the development, setting and achievement of personal, team, and school goals.
    • the exploration of various career opportunities.
    • the development of values, attitudes and habits important to good citizenship and participation in an inclusive democratic society.

    As an integral part of the school community, the ultimate goal of our athletic program is to develop athletic skills, positive attitudes, strong character individuals, and build school spirit, which reach beyond the athletic fields and into our hallways.

    Conference Affiliation



    The mission of the Tri-County Conference is to provide opportunities for schools to work closely together, while promoting educational experiences for student athletes, which will benefit them throughout their lives. The Conference will foster an educationally sound environment that values good sportsmanship, fair play, and a wholesome relationship among participants, spectators, schools, and communities.


    • To equalize athletic opportunities for individuals and member schools.
    • To promote uniformity in the arrangement and control of athletic contests.
    • To continue to seek methods and means of promoting sportsmanship and academics.
    • To continue to enhance the success of members at the individual, team, and conference levels.



    These associations include valuable information for student athletes. Please feel free to review this information but remember that Triton does not maintain these organizations and as such cannot guarantee the content made available through them.

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