• Mock Trial
    Advisor: Ms. Caroline Clements
                  Room D109
    What is Mock Trial?
    The Mock Trial team is given a fake court case that the team must argue from both sides - from both the prosecution's perspective and the defense's perspective.  The student-led team decides on the best way to argue this case.  Each student is given a role - lawyer, witness, or jury member - and the students compete against other high schools in a real courtroom setting.  While students are encouraged to figure out the case on their own, the Mock Trial team works with a lawyer who attends meetings weekly to help with the more difficult aspects of the case.
    Mock Trial helps students understand the importance of the law and the impact law has on society.  It encourages students to think on their feet and helps them develop critical thinking skills.
    If you are interested in a career in law or criminal justice, Mock Trial is an amazing experience.  It's also great for college applications and is a fun opportunity for anyone that enjoys acting.  
    2018-2019 Events
    We will...
    -Discuss and analyze the case starting in the beginning of October.  Students are expected to attend 1-2 meetings per week to prepare for the case.  Once roles are assigned, students will learn their scripts
    -Compete in the Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trail Competition in January in a courtroom
    When are meetings? 
    There are 2 meetings a week - one during Charger Time and one after school.  Exact dates are TBD.
    Join the Remind group for meeting dates and more information!  Text @fh9kbg to 81010.
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