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    Library Media Center!

    The LMC belongs to the entire school community, so let’s all do our part to keep it a friendly and educational environment



    ·       Visit anytime during Charger Time or after school, or use an LMC pass from your Study Hall teacher to enter during your assigned Study Hall. You may stay for the period, or take the pass back when you're finished so the teacher can give it to a different student.

          ·       Check in with your ID card or ID number, and use it to check out books.

    ·       Come prepared with work to do or something to research or read.

    ·       Respect each other and avoid distracting or disrupting your fellow users or the LMC staff.

    ·        If you need to leave the LMC, you must obtain permission and a pass.  Avoid crowding and blocking the entrance at the end of the period and wait for the bell to exit.

    ·        Actively use the computer at which you are sitting or move to a desk so that others may use that computer.

    ·       Use your available resources!  We have a multitude of electronic and print collections and tools to help as well as entertain you.

    ·       Prevent damage to computers by not eating or drinking at the computer stations.

    ·        Use iPods, headphones, and computer games responsibly, without creating distraction or disruption to others – NO videos or music may be played outloud.



    The librarian is here to help you!  Feel free to ask Mrs. Hartley for help, assistance, or advice on your work, research, or reading.  She might not know the answer, but she knows where to find it!


    Thank you for your cooperation and respect.


    Timber Creek LMC staff