• Research Matters

    Research Tips and Tricks
    (Hint: Google and Bing can NOT find everything and Wikipedia is NEVER an acceptable source for school research!)

    Plan out your search!
    Download the Keyword Search Plan organization chart and use it to help plan and organize your search process.
    Try out this tutorial to learn how to Search with Success!

    Cite Your Sources! Don't plagiarize

    Our electronic catalog (Alexandria, above) and our databases all give you full citations in MLA format for you to use in your Bibliography/Works Cited/Reference pages for any projects, papers, reports, etc.  These are easy to use and done for you!

    EasyBib and Citation Machine

    For everything else, visit Easy Bib or Citation Machine to create your MLA-formatted source citations for Bibliography/Works Cited/Reference pages for any projects, papers, reports, etc.  
    Just enter the link of the webpage or the ISBN of the book (located on the back cover above the UPC code or on the back of the title page) you would like to cite.
    Visit our Citation Information page to learn how to properly cite your sources.

    Evaluate your sources!
    Visit our Source Evaluation page.

    Understand what you're reading!

    Ask Mrs. Hartley for help!
    Not sure what you're looking for or how to find it?  That's what your librarian is here for!
    Research Dinosaur