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    School Counseling Phone - 856-232-9703

    School Counseling Fax  - 856-232-2919

    Mrs. Michele Hengel, Director of School Counseling

    Mrs. Hengel


     Mrs. Anita DiPietro    ext. 6053     adipietro@bhprsd.org
    Mrs. DiPietro

    Mrs. Patti Tarricone     ext. 6052     ptarricone@bhprsd.org
     Mrs. Tarricone






    Ms. Kimberly Reilly 
    Grades 9-12
    A – Ca
    Ext. 6057
    Mr. Robert Cooper 
    Grades 9-12
    Ce - Gi
    Ext. 6055  Website
    Mr. Cooper
         Mr. Sean Ortzman 
    Grades 9-12
     Gl - La
    Ext. 6056
     Mr. Ortzman
    Mrs. Jennifer Harley
    Grades 9-12
     Le - Pan
    Ext. 6058
    Mrs. Harley
    Ms. Sherry Cappello
    Grades 9-12
     Pao - Ta
    Ext. 6060
    Ms. Cappello
    Ms. Lisa Draper
    Career Exploration Counselor
    Grades 9-12
     Te – Z
    Ext. 6054
    Ms. Draper

     Mental Health Assistance Counselor

     Ashlea Reese 
    Ext. 6059
    Ms. Reese  
    Student Assistance Coordinator
    Ms. Nicole Hohl
    Ext. 6011    
     Mrs. Hohl



    Parent/Teacher conferences are encouraged.  
    Conferences are on Mondays at 2:05 p.m. by appointment only. 
        Contact the Counseling Secretaries to schedule an appointment.