NJ STARS is a scholarship program exclusively for New Jersey residents that covers

    the cost of tuition at New Jersey's 19 community colleges.


    NJ STARS & NJ STARS II guidelines may change each year, so it is always best to check

    https://www.hesaa.org/Documents/NJSTARS_program.pdf for the most current rules.

    NJ STARS Bene
    The NJ STARS award covers the cost of tuition, less any State and/or Federal grants and scholarships, for up to five semesters.
    The award covers these charges for up to 18 credit hours per semester.

    Funding for NJ STARS awards is dependent upon annual State appropriations.

    Student Eligibility

    New Jersey residents who graduate in the top 15.0 percent of their high school class, complete a rigorous high school course of study and achieve the required score on a college placement test to determine college readiness may be eligible.
    Note: All courses of study are considered "rigorous" for the class of 2015 and beyond)

    ♦ Students who do not achieve the required score on the placement test will be able to take appropriate courses while still in high school to improve their skills or they can attend remedial courses at the county college while enrolled in high school.

    All students must enroll in a full-time course of study no later than the fifth semester following high school graduation.

    ♦ Students must enroll full time in a degree program at their home county college, unless the student demonstrates that the home county college does not offer the desired program of study or the program is oversubscribed for at least one year.

    ♦ Students must take a minimum of 12 college-level credits per semester. NJ STARS covers up to 18 college-level credits per semester.

    ♦ Students and parent(s) must be permanent New Jersey residents pursuant to regulations established by HESAA at the time of high school graduation and upon county college enrollment.

    ♦ Students must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and legal New Jersey residents for a minimum of twelve consecutive months
    prior to high school graduation. 
    ♦ Students must apply for all forms of State and Federal need-based grants and merit scholarships and submit any requested documentation to complete and verify application data within established State deadlines.

    NJ STARS does not cover costs for remedial coursework.